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Quite possibly the most anticipated game release this year is Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are thousands of Star Wars fans hoping this game will live up to their expectations, and what better way to make sure it does than getting access in the beta?

At the time of writing this post, SWTOR is still undergoing a closed beta testing phase. No sweat though, as we have already made arrangements to receive free keys for you as soon as open beta starts. The date is still not announced, but we wanted to give you an early head start if you wish to receive your key as soon as possible.


Star Wars: The Old Republic represents a new approach to online entertainment, featuring immersive storytelling, dynamic combat, and groundbreaking companion characters. The game takes place in the Star Wars galaxy approximately three hundred years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (about 3500 years before the storyline in the movies).

Play Star Wars: The Old Republic and forge your own Star Wars saga in a story-driven massively-multiplayer online game from BioWare and LucasArts. Explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy.

Choose to be a Jedi, a Sith, or from a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, and make decisions which define your personal story and determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way you will befriend courageous companions who will fight at your side or possibly betray you based on your actions. Together, you will battle enemies in dynamic Star Wars combat and team up with other players to overcome incredible challenges.


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Free Beta Key Sign Up

If you’re eager to get into SWTOR beta we suggest signing up below. As always, we’ll send out as many beta keys and as soon as we have them on a first come first serve basis, so signing up earlier gives you better chances. All you have to do is enter your email address down here and we’ll take care of the rest. Good luck!



76 thoughts on “SWTOR Beta Keys Signup”

    1. I would looooove to get a Beta Key. But i wohnt get One anyway Cut bioware Said that they are only sending beta keys by themselves. But it would be so epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ but im too late 🙁

  1. Anthony Colavito

    I have been following SWTOR from the middle of 2008. And now thats it’s the spring of 2011 the game should be out this year. however Bioware said in 2009 and 2010 that it should be out spring 2011. then at Pax East 2011 they said before the end of 2011. So they have pushed it back multiple times. But hey i respect that, Bioware just wants a game everyone will love. So looking forward to hopefully getting a beta key, and i will most defiently buy the game when it comes out… well that is if the subscription fee is lower than WoW’s… (WoW’s is 180$ a year! HOLY #$%^) So may the force be with us all.

    1. The spring 2011 was a projected release window. Bioware never once made an official release date of Spring 2011. It was always an estimate. The 12/20 date is the only official release they’ve slated, and I have no reason to suspect that will change. Now to just get some news on Early Access xD

  2. Been waiting since 2009 to get my key if you want you can look at my account on the old republic forums, i try to stay active on there in hopes they might consider me, typically companies invite active members of the gaming community to test their games, so it might be worth a shot to anyone reading this

  3. Signed up for this way back when the first announcement was made, practically dying for a beta key by this point.
    Either way thanks for the increased chances of getting in!

  4. Not sure if the beta keys are out for this yet but would love to get my hands on one. Much anticipated cause im sick of pplaying wow. 🙂 but hope it is as good playstyle wise and not like free online games like cabal etc.

  5. Please! I need to try the beta because my parents wont let me pre-order tell they see what the game has to offer! I want to pre-order it for my birthday on sep 7 but my parents wont let me! Please GetBetaKeys.com I need you!
    Your hopeful subscriber,

  6. I signed up for beta testing the day registration was available.
    I have a pretty epic gaming set-up. I have a masters in Multimedia and Computer Games Development as well as a PHD in software engineering and currently Lecture in AI. I have been a voluntary AND paid game master on several MMOs. Though the original trilogy was released before I was born I have been a huge fan of Star Wars since the age of 7 having read every published Star Wars book and countless comics.
    I played SWG since closed beta in July 2002 though I stopped playing a while back. When I heard about SWTOR (or “SWG2” as it was viewed by my peers and I) I was instantly sold and I’ve been waiting for a chance to play it since.
    I haven’t received a closed beta invite and – trying not to sound like a Star Wars nerd – I am pretty sour about it.

  7. No its not.
    You dont get a key, you just get a mail that tells you to log into your swtor account and download the client and then you can log in. Its a waste of your time to hang around here hoping for a key.

  8. I can tell already that all of you talking about that you’ve been waiting since 2008, is just alot of bullshit. You just say it because it makes you think that you got bigger rights to get a BETA key than anyone else. So give up the bullshit, and wait and see.

  9. actually this site CAN provide you beta key, this is part of an email sent by BWA
    As part of this test, we will be partnering with games industry sites to distribute additional beta codes as necessary. This will help ensure we meet our population goals, so we can effectively stress test our servers in preparation for launch. Please do not acquire and redeem one of these codes as it could jeopardize your ability to participate in this test.

  10. Please! I need to try the beta because my parents wont let me pre-order tell they see what the game has to offer! I want to pre-order it for my birthday on sep 7 but my parents wont let me! Please GetBetaKeys.com I need you!
    Your hopeful subscriber,

  11. I’m a fan or Star Wars too and I’ve been readin all ur comments and one question why play wen Lotro is where you should. You pay $180 per year how bout 0. You can 100 per year for vip subcription. Wow was always borin if you decide to do send a refferral and say ur friend Emmanuel sent you enjoy.:-)

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