Star Trek™: Alien Domain Christmas Gift Pack Giveaway

Star Trek Alien Domain Christmas Giveaway
Star Trek: Alien Domain™ is a free to play online game putting you into the shoes of a Federation or Klingon captain. Taking place years after the events in Star Trek Voyager, Alien Domain will immerse you into the struggle between the Federation and Klingons as they both battle for their lives in the unexplored fluidic space.

We’re out of gift pack codes and this giveaway is now closed, sorry!
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In light of the newly announced Star Trek series being filmed, joining Alien Domain is a great way to satisfy your curiosity and take part in a vast and immersive universe.
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Star Trek: Alien Domain™ is an officially licensed game, and it’s pretty wicked how much positive reaction it’s been getting from fans. Since our last Alien Domain giveaway was really popular GameSamba is offering Star Trek: Alien Domain players an exciting giveaway opportunity that includes a Pre-Christmas gift pack filled to the brim with goodies that rivals even Santa’s sack of presents.
If you participated in our previous Alien Domain giveaway (now expired), you’ll be happy to know these aren’t the same codes so you can get amazing in-game bonuses once again. We have 2,100 3,100 free gift packs to warp you ahead so read more about the game below and claim your gift pack code now!

About Star Trek: Alien Domain™

Taking place many years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager™, Star Trek: Alien Domain™ follows players as they take on the role of a Federation or Klingon captain trapped in the unexplored realm of fluidic space. Players will face a variety of threats — including Species 8472 — encounter new hostile creatures and species, and be forced to contend with a war that has erupted between the trapped Klingon and Federation forces.
Now entering open beta, the game has undergone numerous updates since the previous closed beta tests began, including major new additions such as an equipment system for starships, a boss battle mode, and a stage trials mode where players can compete to conquer as many stages as possible before being defeated. Several other new gameplay features are scheduled to be released in the near future, including a new large scale PvP mode, and further enhancements to the equipment system.

Get your free gift pack

Simple as ever, to get your very own free gift pack simply fill out the form below with your contact info and we’ll send a subspace email to you immediately!

No codes remaining, sorry!

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Link to a downloadable .pdf file including your gift pack code will be included in our email. If you have trouble getting your code simply contact our support and we’ll re-send your key manually as soon as possible.

Redemption instructions:

  1. Punch in your details in the giveaway form above and check your email for the code.
  2. Log in to your game account or register for free on the official website.
  3. Start the game, click on “Item” as shown in the image, click on “Code” in the window opened, and punch in your gift pack code.

Alien Domain Code Redemption
And that’s all. Your items will be available immediately and the only thing left is to enjoy the game!

Got problems redeeming the code? The dreaded “code does not exist” error bugging you? GameSamba notified us only players on Server 1-3 are affected, and if you’re one of them simply contact their in-game support, send them the code you got from us and they’ll redeem the items for you!

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Gift pack contents:

  • Metal – x50,000
  • Crystal – x25,000
  • Credits – x100
  • Officer Exp-Card – x5
  • Crate-A – x5
  • Key-A – x5

Important notes: each account can only redeem one of these gift pack codes, and each gift pack code can only be used once. Codes from this giveaway can be used in addition to the ones from our previous Alien Domain giveaway. Codes will expire on March 31st, 2016, so make sure you redeem them before that date!
Play Alien Domain for free
Sign up for the officially licensed Star Trek: Alien Domain™ now and bring honor to your favorite faction! Explore the mysterious fluidic realm, upgrade your base, create colonies, and build fleets of starships to defeat alien threats and other players!

48 thoughts on “Star Trek™: Alien Domain Christmas Gift Pack Giveaway”

    1. Not sure about that. Our keys are directly from GameSamba and their description included 50,000 Crystals. It’s possible it was a typo on their part, we’ll try to verify the contents. Sorry for the confusion 🙁

    1. I assume that’s in-game?
      Rest assured the codes are perfectly valid, but we have gotten a few similar reports in our last Alien Domain giveaway. Try in a few minutes or few hours and they will work correctly.
      In case you have nothing better to do later on, feel free to come back here for a minute and let us know how long it took. If you do, we got an extra code for Nuclear Dawn on Steam for you, assuming you want it.

          1. I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Alien Domain’s support and have them look into the problem and redeem the items for you, I’m sure they won’t mind.

    1. Try a few more times in the next 24 hours or so, code redemption in the game seems to experience temporary glitches at times.
      If the issue persists you can contact Alien Domain’s support in-game as they’re the only ones that can assist you further. You’re welcome to let them know where you got your code and we’ll verify your request if necessary.

    1. Similar codes were distributed to some other websites as well, so if you claimed the same items in some other giveaway it’s possible you can’t claim it twice.
      I’d recommend you try and contact Alien Domain’s support and let them know about the issue you’re having, and see if they can assist you with redeeming items.

    1. The “B” doesn’t matter. We can’t provide any in-game assistance, but you’re not the only one having issues (look at comments above).
      You can wait and few hours and attempt to redeem the code in-game again later, or contact Alien Domain’s support and have them look into the issue.

  1. Tried to open the pdf and got word error and then it said that I had redeemed the code? I don’t know where this code is let alone how to redeem it with out seeing it. 🙁

  2. Tried my christmas giveaway key says key doesn’t exit so i waited tried it a bunch of times in last 24 hrs & still getting same message, I want to try it again tonight but now i can’t find the key can u resend my key tys

    1. Resent the key to your email. If you keep getting an error while trying to redeem it you’ll have to get the game’s support staff to assist you. Just send them a ticket and I’m sure they’ll get it sorted quickly.

    1. Works perfectly well for a vast majority of players who got keys from us, it’s just a few that have been having trouble. Glad you’re not one of them 😀
      You can grab another key from our Alien Domain’s OBT giveaway here as well. At this rate we’ll run out of codes in a few days so you may not want to think too long.

    1. We understand your frustration, and apologize for the inconvenience. We have contacted Gamesamba about the issues and are awaiting for their reply.
      It seems to be an issue with particular game accounts rather than keys. We tried sending additional keys to users affected and the same error persists.
      Hopefully it will be fixed in the next few days, and we hope this didn’t discourage you from enjoying the game.

  3. Tried this one after the previous giveaway did not work and game said “I used similar code before” and received nothing. Looks like I am one of the game accounts there is an issue with. I play on the Peliar Zel server and it seems there is always an issue there 🙁

    1. As mentioned in our post, due to a bug players on Servers 1-3 will have to contact Alien Domain’s support staff to get the items. Be sure to include your original gift pack code.
      Since you posted your code publicly it may have been used by someone else in the meantime, so we sent you a new one. Check your inbox.

  4. Whats happend with this?
    I only recieve a html page on my donwload and not a .pdf file!
    Thats realy bad. Who is this programmer? Kick him out. Ever child can do this better.

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