Promote Your Game

We are always happy to promote your game or offer on our website via a giveaway, so if you’re a game publisher looking to advertise your game and expose it to a new community feel free to contact us with your promotion offers!

Giveaway requirements:

We do NOT require any fees or payments for publishing giveaways and we provide the service completely free of charge, but please keep in mind we only publish giveaways with either beta access/keys, or giveaways with various in-game items or benefits (gift packs).
Our purpose is to provide players with beta keys, or special gift packs (virtual items and in-game benefits). We are not a news blog nor a press release service and do not publish purely promotional articles without some sort of giveaways attached.

Required materials:

  • Basic game description: we include basic information about the game in each of our giveaway posts to inform visitors about your game and to make sure they only sign up if they’re truly interested in playing.
  • Official website or signup: link to the official website or key redemption page must be included in the giveaway.
  • Code redemption instructions: short instructions on how to redeem codes for players, if necessary.
  • Contents of giveaway codes: details about virtual items or other benefits included by redeeming codes.
  • Code expiration date: please make sure to provide the date until codes are valid, or make a special note if they are valid permanently until redeemed.

Keys or codes are preferred in one-per-line format (spreadsheet or text document), although we can work with any format if necessary.
Recommended number of keys:

  • Gift packs: minimum 500, recommended 1,000+
  • Beta keys: minimum 1,000, highly recommended 1,500 (2000+ for Steam games)

Exact number of keys is up to the publishers, though we prefer to have at least 500 available for a gift pack giveaway. If the codes do not have an expiration date we recommend over 1,000 keys — giveaway will stay live as long as we have codes and they will all get distributed over time.
Beta key giveaways typically receive more interest in our community which is why we require a minimum of 1,000 codes for a standard beta key giveaway. Based on interest in our previous beta access giveaways we highly recommend 1,500 or more keys, especially for games available on Steam.

  • Final Frontier: 500 keys distributed in first 5 hours, another 1,000 in 12 hours
  • Battlerite (Steam): 5,500 keys (all keys distributed over 7 days)
  • Heavy Metal Machines (Steam): 500 keys first giveaway (3 hours), 6,000 keys in second (all 6,500 distributed in 10 days)
  • The Exiled: 1,240 keys distributed (out of 4,000)
  • People Eater (Steam): 1,500 keys in 5 hours, another 1,500 keys within 14 hours

Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have questions or concerns about number of beta keys.

Optional requirements:

Having a more detailed giveaway page with information about the game helps increase conversions and bring in better leads, so you’re welcome to include any of the following as well:

  • Header/intro image for giveaway, preferably 640 x 260 px or close.
  • Game screenshots (at least 3, minimum 800×600 px).
  • List of main game features.

Once we have all the required materials we typically publish giveaways within 24 hours. Publishing may get delayed in case we have other giveaways scheduled for the same day.

Other terms:

  • Codes must be distributed through GetBetaKeys.
  • Giveaways must be free and without any strings attached (for example no Facebook gateways, forcing “Likes”, payment requirements, credit card submissions, etc.).
  • Unless explicitly requested otherwise, we may add affiliate links to your game through 3rd parties.
  • We do not permit casino, gambling, or adult games.
  • Due to low interest from our community we no longer publish giveaways for games not available on PC (no mobile-only or console-only games).

Our requirements are designed to benefit our community by providing free giveaways. We are also confident it’s the best way to get quality leads for your game or offer.
Each giveaway we publish typically reaches 75,000 – 85,000 gamers across our various promotional channels, but please keep in mind we do not in any way guarantee any specific number of user signups, game sales, in-game purchases, or player retention rates.
We will inform our community on our website and through various other channels (newsletter notifications, social media) to the best of our ability, but we do not force users to sign up for games they’re not interested in.


If you would like us to publish your giveaway please send the required materials to We usually publish the giveaway within 24 hours, and will notify you when it goes live.
If you wish to discuss other promotional opportunities or have any questions feel free to contact us any time!