Path of Exile Beta Keys

A week ago I haven’t even heard about Path of Exile, and today I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out. Several of our current subscribers pointed me to this exciting new game and thanks to a kind soul at Grinding Gear Games a few of you will soon get to jump in the action and see what it’s all about. But first let’s take a quick look at what Path of Exile is about.

About the Game

Path of Exile is a free online-only action role-playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is currently under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand.

Game Features:

  • Completely free to download and play
  • A persistent online world capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players
  • A dark and gritty game world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective
  • Battle dozens of foes across a variety of unique areas
  • Randomly generated levels and items for extreme replayability
  • Online ranking and ladders for every game mode
  • Visceral combat with dozens of combinable skills
  • Battle in PVP tournaments for worldwide recognition


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More hot screens and other media can be found on the official site!


For more videos I recommend you check the video section on the official website and Grinding Gear’s official Youtube channel.

Get Your Beta Keys

Brian Weissman, a Designer and Producer working on Path of Exile promised to send us 5 beta keys right after PAX Prime, which is in several days and Path of Exile will make no doubt a memorable appearance there. Since we don’t have a lot of keys to give out, this time we’ll do things a bit differently. Simply tell us how much you like this game and what you like about it most in the comments below, and 4 of you with the most compelling argument will get in the beta.

One key will go to Brian R. who first contacted me about PoE, since he already made quite a compelling argument about this game :).

Giveaway over! Winners are:

We’re all quite fascinated by your passion for this game which is evident from the comments left, but we had to make a decision, and it wasn’t easy. These five players showed an honest interest in Path of Exile so hopefully we made the right choice here.

If you’re wondering, we don’t have any keys left. However, as the game nears it’s open beta and release phase we might be able to snag some more so we left a subscription form below if you want to get notified. No promises on keys though! Alternatively you could get some on PoE’s Twitter or official website, so follow and sign up there as well.

Edit: game has now been released and is free to play without keys. Path of Exile is pretty amazing but also quite in-depth so I encourage beginners to read some guides to help you get started. It would be a shame to give up on this amazing game because it can be overwhelming for new players.










118 thoughts on “Path of Exile Beta Keys”

  1. A Marauder, a Duelist and a Ranger were strolling through the forest when they came upon a set of tracks. *They all looked down inquisitively..
    The Maurader said, “These….deer tracks.”
    The Duelist replied, “No, they must be elk tracks!”
    The Ranger laughed “Ha-ha you idiots! You’re both wrong, those are moose tracks.”
    They were still arguing when the train hit them…

    1. Hey I got an e-mail saying you guys where giving away a few keys for this game and I was just hoping I’d be picked to get into it been waiting awhile for this and d3.

  2. I have always been a huge Diablo fan, and eventhough this is somewhat a clone, it looks really nice, it has it’s own story and is one of the games that i am looking forward for the most. I am not saying that clones are bad, they are the reason we get a ton of cool games to play every year.
    However, the thought of a diablo 2 clone being online (much like the multiplayer aspect of diablo 2) without having tons of other players around you (instanced), sounds great. Having the same feeling as playing a Guildwars game where you can choose if you want to bring friends or go entirely solo is all up to you.
    I must admit, I have been watching other people stream this game over the internet, it looks great! It has that darkness you want in dungeon style games.

    That aside, it is not the entire reason I am writing right here, right now. The other reason, is that i really want this game to be bug free upon release. So i am up for the challenge to be a tester. I only have a part time job, so i got some spare time on my hands that I could occupy.
    Thank you guys for an awesome work, and i hope that i might get picked from the rest of the crowd.

  3. Hi there!
    I would like a chance to play Path of Exile because well frankly I’ve been following the game since 2011. I don’t think this entitles me in the least bit but it’s something I’ve been interested in quite some time.
    I knew Blizzard was going to take it’s sweet precious time with Diablo 3 which is great but ARGP’s is my preference and is certainly a niche in game design. I love the dark atmosphere of PoE which reminds me of the good old days of Diablo 1 and 2 (soon 3).
    I’ve seen every developer diary for the game and I like their perspective on game designs. I think both games will succeed and go down in history as great Action Role Playing Games.
    The reason I am here is because my friends and I have both been waiting for the Path Of Exile beta. Unfortunatelly I haven’t got a key. You may be wondering what I get out of this.
    Thanks for reading this and keep up the great work!

  4. Hello!
    I’ve been following Path of Exile since around Fall of 2010 when it was first announced. Every opportunity for a key along with poor random luck in being selected for beta have eluded me, so I’m crossing my fingers for a key in the future.
    Path of Exile strongly reminds me of the gameplay of the original Diablo, whereas all “classes” have a chance to be super flexible and are more capable of using a diverse array of skills and spells despite the initial class limitations.
    My intention is to play as a Templar as it appears to be the most underplayed class and thus the most underestimated right now. I can’t wait to try this out!

  5. What I like about this game is: it is a lot like Diable 2. I love ARPG’s and have been waiting for a long time for a new good one. The developers of this game have implemented amazing ideas like the gem-skills, and the removal of gold. The removal of gold means there will be no gold sinks in the game such as repairing equipment or buying potions, etc.
    I am excited about the incredible customisation capabilities one has with every single character type. You can choose any path for any character, and change skills by adding support gems to them, what more could you ask for?
    GGG is actually listening to the community (and the community is great so far) and taking our ideas into consideration. I am glad I discovered this game, and am beyond excited to actually play it. I would love to test it out in the Beta phase, and provide feedback as I know they appreciate all input.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts, and I appreciate your consideration when deciding who gets the keys.

  6. I’d have to say the most interesting thing that has me interested in playing this game is the skill system and the attribute grid. Obviously they are using a format extremely similar to many games we have already seen and played, (Diablo series, Titan Quest, Torchlight ) but using an attribute system much like Final Fantasy 10’s sphere grid, and a skill system like Final Fantasy’s materia and esper system seems like an interesting move. I’m guessing some of their developers are SquareSoft fans.
    The developers have stated that they plan on moving each class to their own unique starting location on the attribute grid which will produce characters which will fill their designated role, but I do like the idea of playing a ranged class that can hold their own with magic and archery; so I’m not sure yet how I feel about being forced into a cookie cutter build by being placed on a specific location on the grid.
    I can see that there is a desire in this game to let you create the character that you want, but at the same time the developers want to create characters that feel unique enough that players will want to play a witch and then a duelist and not feel like they are the same character.
    The skill gems in this game really remind me of Final Fantasy’s other systems like materia from FF7 or the FF6 esper system. The great thing about this approach though is the endless combinations of skills they are claiming to create. If it works correctly they could essentially create a system of skills where no 2 characters are alike. Not to mention that having skills that drop as items really creates a drive to not only look for that “it” item but the excitement of finding the “it” skill would be continually driving me forward in this game.
    In conclusion I think the endless possibilities for character development not only through the attributes you choose but through luck just by skill gem drops brings a unique twist to this game that’s going to make it stand out from the other games in this play style.

  7. I am really excited about this game. Some of my fondest memories of gaming, when i had first started out, are of diablo. Me and my brother would spend days playing it, neglecting homework, staying up way past our bedtime, and even installing it on schools computers so we would be able to sneak into the library and catch some game time at lunch. We helped spread the game around our school, so we quickly built up a guild, and always had someone to play with.
    This continued when Diablo 2 and the expansion came out, we even had to convince our parents to upgrade our computer, as our current system couldn’t handle it. Years went by and we continued to play it, unlike any other game.
    Now that I am grown and have a job, I continue to play games of a similar vain more than anything else. I have put 100+ hours into torchlight, and have beaten Titan Quest more times than I care to count.
    My favorite part of Diablo 2, (and torchlight for that matter) is collecting the gems. I would load my stash with gems, until the entire thing is full of perfect (insert gem name here). So the fact that skills will be coming from gems in this game is very exciting to me.
    In short, there are 4 games that our on my must buy list that are coming in the near future (buy list isn’t exactly correct since PoE will be free 2 play) Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn, If there was any way that I would be able to play this game early, and help the development along (which is a huge reason why i am interested in beta testing) than I would be a very happy man.

  8. I’m excited about this game as it’s quite simply a throwback to Diablo 2! It fits the criteria for games I really enjoy.
    I bloody love RPGs, in whatever form they come in. D&D, turn-based, real time, western, japanese, it doesn’t matter. If it has RPG elements, I’m guaranteed to like it. And it just so happens Path of Exile is one. It’s made pretty clear it’s intended to be Diablo like, and my god, was Diablo addicting. It stole a good chunk of my life, but it was worth it.
    The best aspect of Path of Exile? The fact that it’s an MMO. Giving Diablo 2 an MMO form? Shut up and take my money. The fact that it’s an MMO allows for so many more possibilities, it’s so easy to build on the core gameplay and make it even better.

  9. Loot. I f*cking love loot.
    There is nothing better in a game than just bulldozing your sworn enemies and then taking all of their sweet, sweet gear. One minute you are cleaving through a half dozen skeletons, and, suddenly, *clang* you hear something of potential value drop. You quickly press the ALT key in order to show everything you just relieved your opponents of and, sure enough, there is something RARE. You quickly scoop said item right up into your inventory and ID that sucker like you’ve never ID’d before. Then, you revel in its all-mighty glory. The amazing stats, the beautiful art that translates well as you equip it onto your character, that new item smell (ok, maybe that’s just me), and the feeling that you can take on the whole damn world. And then you set off to do just that, with your new rare item in tow.
    That is why I must play this game.
    Well, that AND the fact that I’m a damn good beta tester and would love to help shape this game, and its loot, in a way that will make it something awesome encourage many to play for the years to come.

  10. I just want to test all this new features like skills on sockets, making your customize wepons and armours and SMASH evrything that moves.
    I’m tired staring on the timer on oficial website so it’ld be nice to gey a fast key 😀

  11. Well probably like everyone here I’m a huge diablo fan, played diablo 1, diablo 2, lod and it’s one of my favorite games. I also enjoyed Titan Quest quite a bit and played torchlight, so I have experience in this kind of games. That’s why I think I’ll be able to provide good feedback and enjoy playing it. Also my PS3 got YLOD last week, so I have nothing to play right now :(. Then again if I would get into the beta, I’d have nothing to distract me from it, so that I could spend a lot of time with it.
    Either way happy item (and bug) hunting to whoever gets a key 🙂

  12. This game looks amazing. Graphics are great, game play looks solid and challenging.
    Class/skill looks highly customization. My favorite things about this game is
    being able to customize how i want, whether it’s a melee witch, attack speed marauder,
    tank ranger, it’s all there. Being able to set my skills and make them do as I want is
    great as well. But the best part is being able to smite my enemies, and see them
    driven before me, I mean, the LOOT.

  13. POE is the real diablo 3. I’m registered on the site since september 2010, and still waiting to play this great game. I love hack’n slash !!! Have played diablo 1 & 2 , titan quest , torchlight, mythos…
    Have played diablo 2 for 7 years, and when i see this game i can’t imagine that i can’t play it.
    I like its gothic and dark atmosphere. The huge skills tree looks amazing and seems allow to customize your character in many differents ways.
    What i love in hack’n’slash is build a char whitch is opposed to its principal role. For exemple with POE skills tree build a intelligence marauder, or build a close combat witch.
    So please give me a key.
    Ps : Sorry if my english is bad, i’m french

  14. Hi there! =)
    I really love the look of this game and to think that something this amazing is Free to Play?! Its brilliant.
    I haven’t until recently heard about this game till my friend told me about it. He said it has a (his words) “Mahoosive” skill point tree, I was amazed by looking at how big it was. If I had the chance to test this game I would love to test tons of different combinations with each of the class with that point tree.
    I’m also really interesting in that you gain skills by placing gems in slots on your equipment.
    I don’t believe graphics make a game, I believe its the gameplay and how it all works and from the gameplay videos I have watched it looks to be a very awesomely made game and it has brilliant graphics.
    This game reminds me of when I played Titan Quest years ago and I absolutely loved that game! =D
    I’m very social and I really enjoy helping people including the developers for finding bugs/glitches and I hope to get the bugs and glitches all fixed for when the game is released.

  15. I would like to play this game’s beta for the simple reason that I am a critic by nature. I will not simple sit by and drool over the game’s positive aspects, instead actively seek out the flaws. There is much I find attractive and compelling about the game especially the developers devotion to a “dark gritty atmosphere.” However, this game has a ways to go especially if it wishes to steal a decent portion of the competitor’s market. It can be nostalgically similar to its genre leader but also needs deep and subtle aspects to set itself apart. Depth in character development, novelty, and game-play are all necessary to capture a sustainable consumer base. Right now there are some good innovations but it is not enough. As long as there is deviation to create a separate and wholesome market this game has potential to be more than just a breeze against the coming hurricane.

  16. An avid fan of D2 like most people who are interested in POE but I got hooked onto the game because of huge differentiation factors. Primarily with the ability to learn any skill as any class. There’s no pre-determined path as to why kind of role you’ll play as a certain class in the game which makes it intriguing and exciting. I’ve played other games similar to D2 such as Torchlight and that got old quick but this game seems to have all the right elements make it a game that has evolved from D2.
    More than anything, it brings me back to my childhood days of playing D2 with my close friends.
    Thanks for the considerations–Cheers!

  17. Greetings!
    I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Rafał and I’m from Poland. I’m playing Diablo II and other RPGs for about 11 years and now I’m also waiting for Diablo III Beta and Path of Exile Key. I love such games with slaying lots of demons, zombies and much more creatures which can be found in such type of games. I’m such addicted to those, it hurts me i can’t play it. I remember nights in childhood when I was playing Diablo II or for example Fallout even 30 hours without break and I see Path of Exile is really similar game.. and of course it is F2P multiplayer!! (great thing!)
    Unfortunately getting into beta of this game is almost impossible and beacuse there are no games with such climate I haven’t played It is the only one I’m waiting for right now…. Even sometimes I’m launching youtube videos on full screen so I can feel a bit I’m inside it, inside beta and I’m slaughtering all those BASTARDS!
    I hope you can help me with it…
    5 Last words..

    1. I am a big fan of Diablo, did play all of them since the beggining, lately i did play Torchlight, waiting for D3 to come, when i saw this awesome game, with that great skill tree, OMFG i really wanna try this game out.
      Thx alot, and i hope i`l get a key.

  18. “Simply tell us how much you like this game and what you like about it most in the comments below”
    On a scale of 1 to 10 my like for this game is about a…..FREAKINBILLIONZ
    There are so many appealing things about this game but none more potent than the fact that there hasn’t been a real solid action role-playing game like PoE in almost a decade. I played Diablo for 3 years and have played D2 for the past 7 and couldn’t be more ready for PoE.
    Man where to start on what I like most about the game… I’ll just list a few:
    It’s ftp. Cha ching.
    The levels are randomly generated so that the content stays fresh.
    Skill/gem system is brilliant.
    Really creative currency system.
    It’s dark and gritty artwork layout looks incredible.
    Potions, nuff said.
    3D graphics look really clean.
    It’s going to be crazy addicting!
    And finally, I am most excited about the ladder system. Bring on the competition baby!
    For the love of all things good, please show a hungry soul a little compassion, mercy, and favor and grant me the goodness of a beta key. Much love to… you guys rock!

  19. The games Skills system is friggin awesome. I have had teh ability to try the game on a buddies account and it only left me pheening for more 🙁 The play style is very similar to D2 and if you don’t like D2 combat you don’t know what your missing.
    At first the final fantasy X style points system turned me off but after really looking it at it screams hours of “Man why didn’t i put that point here!” There are so many options and combinations that VARIETY is gonna be everywhere!
    The skill Gem system again turned me off at firs but the fact that they level and you are reliant on sockets in your gear again screams VARIETY! Even with the limited time i had to play and the limited amount of gems i was hooked as soon as i started.
    This game screams addiction (I played for 3 hours and haven’t left POE mainpage since 🙁
    The art style is exactly what disappointed D3 followers are looking for. The gritty landscape and mass of corpses are awesome!!!
    Lastly the fact the POE plans on taking the game in the right direction. Listening to its forums posters is a great first step and whoever FINALLY decided to combine Diablo/FF7/FFX is a genius!!

  20. I would like a path of exile beta key because I’m a huge gamer, I’ve played and beta tested just about every up and coming PC game and Path of Exile looks right up my alley. I also work in the IT Industry and can provide great feedback to Grinding Gears to help shape the game and improve it!

  21. I would love to try this out during the Beta Phase. I hope that I can help the developers as well a have some fun meanwhile. Have been playing (and betatesing a few) similar games since Gaunltet (1995) was out on Arcade! and Path of Exile one looks promising 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

  22. Post for a chance at a beta key? Sounds like a chance for an awesome loot drop.
    Path of Exile looks amazing to me because it’s taking Diablo’s amazing formula and implementing features that I’ve been waiting to see combined into one game for years.
    — Extensive Customization: This is one of the biggest reasons I love games. The chance to craft a character however I want, with access to every one of PoE’s massive list of skills is a dream come true. This is one thing that no Diablo clone has ever done adequately.
    — Chance: There’s nothing more rewarding than finding something great in a game due to chance. Earning it from a tough challenge is fantastic, too, but anyone can earn an item if they learn how, making it less unique. Random rewards feel unique, irreplaceable, and personal. Plus, random levels means replayability and surprise.
    — The Duelist: Dexterity-based melee has always been my favorite character-style, but it’s incredibly hard to find in games. There’s a sea of bow-wielding rangers and strong fighters out there, but not nearly enough of those wonderful swashbucklers.
    — Competition and Socialization: The balance of competitive, co-op, and solo play in PoE will turn the game into an immersive and persistent environment. While other ARPGs came close to doing this before, making the game always-online and improving components like player-to-player trade looks like it’ll bring PoE miles ahead of similar games.
    I’m looking forward to getting a beta key and helping to test this great game.

  23. I played diablo 2 for 10 years. I loved the permadeath option especially early on when pking was more of a possibility.
    I have been very depressed with the lack of hardcore games that have come out in the past decade nothing except darkfall and now path of exile has offered the choice of server to loot your enemies after u kill them or permadeath. There are hundreds of games for the casual risk free gamer but only one or two for people like myself who need the adrenaline rush in pvp when your risking something.
    I was very upset to learn that Diablo 3 would be very different from Diablo 2 with regards to pking and pvp. I had looked forward to that game for years, but after watching the developer interviews I have realized that pvp will only be for “fun” in that game and that most of the things I loved about Diablo 2 were being removed or greatly diminished (character build diversity, theorycrafting, pking, looting enemy players).
    I will not be buying Diablo 3 because of the lack of meaningful pvp and character build diversity. Path of exile is the ONLY game I am looking forward to and I would make a great tester for the hardcore/cutthroat leagues. I have spent countless hours staring at the beta timer and trying to win contests/facebook/twitter keys and have still not succeeded I would gladly be willing to pay GGG for beta access if they would only let me.

  24. Many people are pitting Path of Exile against Diablo 3 in a brutal, click ’em til they die, ARPG deathmatch. I think both games will be successful and awesomo. PoE does clearly win in one aspect, though. The low, low price of FREE!

  25. Hey, I would love to receive Beta Key from You. I’ve been a fan of Action RPGs for ages now and PoE seems to have really high chances to top my best-games-ever list I’ve beta-tested quite a few games before and I think I would do exceptionally good in this matter, so please, don’t let me wait for it!
    P.S: Who doesn’t love the dark atmosphere of this game? I *must* get the key!

  26. Hey guys,
    im a huge fan of poe cause the gameplay looks great on the videos i’ve seen and im a huge fan of this genre. it was in april i think … i was navigating the web and suddenly i came across poe… my first impressions were … hmm i was just stunned …. free to play and that awesome .. i created an account and followed the forums and can not wait till this game is released.
    like many of you i am waiting to play d3. then suddenly the new changes to the game made my worry … so im not really sure if i will paly d3… but it is sure i play poe…
    as i said i love the genre of actions rpgs and cant wait to play a witch or dualist and kill some monsters in wraeclast.

  27. Johnathan Jones

    I have been waiting for a long time for this game. I am constantly posting on POE page and been looking at that timer day after day without seeing my name show up. I have been watching live streams of players playing to learn as much as I can and at the same time it makes me sad because I know I would be playing no stop and finding everything out I can to share to the community and the developers to improve the experience of the game. Anyways POE is going to be a amazing game and I just want a chance to play it and share with the world how amazing of a game it is! I hope you can spare me one of those keys, you would make a man very happy!!! Thanks for reading and for holding this contest!

  28. I really just heard about this game and it seems really interesting. This will keep me busy for a while.
    Having played Diablo 1 and 2, Titan Quest and Torchlight for a great amount of time, I get excited when a similar game comes out. RPG’s are not forgotten and it gives me much pleasure to see this.
    I hope I get a beta key for this game, and if not, I`ll see you all inside when it releases. Cheers!

  29. I love hack and slash games like Torchlight and Diablo, so anytime I hear of a new game that is similar I am instantly interested. I would love a beta key to try this game out not only so I can tell if I will like it or not but to help the game become better since I have the knowledge from other games.

  30. Been a big fan of Diablo from the start. I have tried a few of the “clones” over the years including mostly recently Darkspore, which was good in concept and had alot of potential from what i played in the beta. What attracts me to Path of Exile the most is the massive skill tree that has so much potential for customization. Being an avid WoW player I can appreciate what these skill trees can bring in terms of PvE and PvP potential. Hopefully i can snag a key from here, another giveaway or by the RNG gods smiling upon me in the PoE timer to try it out.

  31. I would like a Path of Exile beta for the purpose of testing and giving feed back for a game that I believe can become a very success. Within the time I am in beta and probably longer I will give it my full attention in my spare time, which consists of many hours a day. Through my experience in testing with time and effort I will be able to change the game for the better.
    Thank you for this magnificent opportunity.

  32. I hav been a Diablo fan since I bought my first computer 10 years ago that is because I can’t help my self to stop playing Diablo. I was only 12 years old kid at that time and my mom only allowed me to touch my pc on weekends, and only for one and half hour. That one and half hour meaning a lot to me. And now here is the chance to get into the beta test of Diablo 3, I would be very very happy if I hav the honor to get one. I have been waiting for diablo3 for so long~~
    During last 5 years, i played a lot games, like Titan Quest, WOW, MU, RIFT, HON, DARKSPORE etc. I am a experienced gamer and I can give some valuable suggestions to the game.

  33. I can’t say that I’ve been waiting months for this game, nor can I say I played Diablo extensively in the distant past.
    What I can say though is that I love mmo’s. I recently stumbled upon this gem of a game, and cannot wait to get access into it. The way the skill system works, the way you can hire helpers, dungeon crawl with your buds, experience randomized loot and dungeons every time makes my skin shiver with excitement.
    I wish I could say I’ve been waiting over half a year for this game, sadly I can’t.
    What can be said is that this game has more potential of most mmo’s that I have ever played in my past 16 years of mmo gaming. Everything about this game screams polish, quality, and fun. It is for those reasons that this game intrigues me as you rarely see that kind of quality in paid titles let alone in the free to play genre.
    So I come here now to ask for the opportunity to experience a game of this unique quality. A game I hope comes to be known far and wide for it’s excellent atmosphere, graphics, gameplay, roleplaying, animation, skill system…haha I mean the list goes on and on here.
    I would be honored and quite delighted to find I can join the ranks of dungeon crawlers once my computer comes back from the repair shop.
    Until then thank you for the opportunity, now let the zombie-slashing commence!

  34. Ole-Martin Henriksen

    I would like a beta key. Simply because I think this game looks spectacular. And the skill system looks great, also the passive attribute system. I’m leaving this post very short. Since I’ve already used so much time to find out how to get a beta key. I’ve been waiting on the forums for ages. No luck on, no luck with the beta key giveaway over at So if you got a heart (or balls of steel), please give me a beta key 🙂
    – OJEeM

  35. Been wanting to play this game for over a year, and it saddens me everyday to see people who don’t even go on the site get beta keys. Currently going though diablo 2 again out of pure boredom before getting into this beta. But again so is everyone else, What makes me so special for just me to get a beta key. I’v been waiting like everyone else, I like the game as much as everyone else. But I would be very thankful if I do get one.

  36. This game gonna rock. With more and more news about D3 I am more and more looking forward to PoE.
    Also check the interview with the lead developer … this guy really knows what he is talking about 🙂

  37. i have never played Diablo but looking at it makes me want to jump around and act like a 10 year old role playing dungeons and dragons ( the good old days)
    so basically i would love a diablo 3 beta key and if i did get it i would stop playing sc2 🙂
    i think this is a really goos site and is much easier than going strait to all the company sites to sign up for all the beta keys just to get lucky.
    regardless Tanks
    Francis T-c

  38. Months of waiting for beta release.
    Thousands of failed attempts at acquiring a key.
    Gaining 50 pounds eating junk food and staring at a timer.

  39. This game looks great, fantastic graphic, story line to follow and most important that grimey dark atmosphere. I have no words if made proberly it could look better then Diablo 3 this really hurts me since Diablo is my absolute favorite series.
    Good luck to all you guys hope you all get a beta key.
    Anywho good luck and yes i would love to be a beta tester.

  40. Love it how people try and be cute and win a beta key with stupid responses.
    Here it is plain and simple.
    Whatever game I play i’m always in the top because i’m not a scrub but a skillful player who has a passion for gaming.
    If I get one cool, if I don’t cool, but whatever game i’m playing at the moment I will destroy 95% of the people that post on forums and trolls 😛
    Come at me BRO!!!!

  41. Hello, I’m trying to get a beta key of diablo 3, diablo fan and I am already a member getbetakeys time, always following the news. Now I wish I could have the honor to receive a Beta key to tell my friends about the game and the Brazilian experience and increasingly recommend getbetakeys for them.
    Thank you.

  42. Thank you so much for the beta key. =)
    Currently installing it as I type this message and I cant wait to play it and also give my feedback so the game devs can improve/fix the game. =D

  43. This game looks amazing the diablo series is my favorite and since i doubt i will get into the diablo 3 beta i would be honorned to get into this game.
    From, Tyler

  44. Hey again!
    I posted above for the first contest and tried to provide genuine positive impressions about PoE so far. I didn’t get a key the first time around but would truly be honored to test this game. I received the email about you guys getting more keys and would REALLY appreciate one of them. Please consider granting me a key and I will gladly praise your site to the masses via the many forums I’m active on. Again, you guys rock!

  45. Today we’ll be turning off the veteran timer and starting to hand out “friend invites” to existing testers. The first wave have already been sent. The random timer will continue to hand out access at the current rate.
    The friend invite email suggests to the testers that if they don’t have any friends to give the keys to, they should hand them out to helpful members of the community.
    We expect that this will result in more keys being distributed to active forum members.
    This isn’t the last change we’re making to the invite system – just the next step in the plan!
    EDIT: We’re not giving out thousands of friend invites at once – the rate is faster than the veteran timer that we just turned off (as of course some people won’t give out their keys), but the intention is not to rapidly accelerate access to the beta, yet (just hopefully make it easier for prominent forum users to get in).
    By Chris (Lead Game Designer and Producer)
    So, some of the current Beta members got some extra beta keys to invite friends into game, if any1 around here is a beta member and has a spare key, i would love to get invited, we could play together or so. If u want to invite me, send me the key at ! Thanks in advance.

  46. _________________________________________________________________
    [b]BETA Invite Request:[/b]
    I’ve been posting a lot, and would love it if you (anyone grateful) would send me a BETA key. If person (that sent BETA Key) wants to send me one, I would include them into my videos that I WILL be creating, publishing on and the definition will be 780p. If anyone could be kind and care about this message, please do send me one. I would also do many things to help your character out with items I find. I will not scam, spam, person (who sent BETA Key) and will help them with any dungeon they will/could need help with. Please take this message into mind, and have fun with Path of Exile!
    PS: [i]I love these types of games, (Diablo, etc) and I’ve been playing these since I was a kid, and got addicted. But now that Diablo 3 is coming out after such a long wait, I have been excited, but then I realized it wouldn’t be released for a few more years (4+). After those fateful events, I noticed this gaming site a few years back, and I signed up, hoping to get to test this BETA anytime they could. But then I got sidetracked for a bit, and lost my track of my old account. After a while of playing Diablo 2 LoD, I went onto to search for RPG-MMO games, such as Diablo, because I got to far into D, and wanted to play something else. After I have searched for a few minutes, I came across this website again, and was thrilled enough to make a new account again. And a lot of the UI has changed since. Thanks for reading this Personal Statement, this has been my “Gaming Life Story”, and wish if I could get a BETA Key. I appreciate if you do, and would do the previous actions included above in the 1st paragraph. Thanks, and have a wonderful day![/i]
    Via [u]ACCOUNT NAME[/u]: [b]VIPERSNIPER101[/b]

  47. I am a recovering Diablo Addict
    At a Diablo AA meeting, I remember reminiscing with fellow addicts about the release date of Diablo III in 2008. It was evident everyone there wanted just a bit of it, even a drop of DIII to fulfill our thrust.
    I am an addict
    I have been addicted since DI, it got worse in DII, And now Diablo I I I
    …Well, My mother has always thought me, “son never to be a quitter”
    This addiction isn’t going anywhere ;))))

  48. I have been looking forward to this game for a while, and diablo III. I know I am probably too late to ask for a key, saw it on my email, but it’s always worth trying 🙂 I actually like some aspects of this game over diablo III so far, looks like it has potential.

  49. This game feels more nostalgic and has taken the dark atmosphere from Diablo 2, I would love to try this game out.
    Hoping that this is a hack n slash worth the wait.
    I would love to try it out!

  50. Hi crazy players, fans and other monsters 🙂
    I just wanted to say thx for pure awesomeness like this Path of Exile 🙂
    Keep it up fresh with ur ideas Path of exile 🙂
    Btw,Im still w8 for beta key, if someone have extra keys send me so i can try it out at last :))

  51. I’m a huge fan om Diablo stile games totally into the idea of testing out Path of exile i just seems amazing I am well verse in hack and slash games and have some experience in beta testing . It would be an honor to participate

  52. hi there i was looking at this game for a few months now and its killing me to play this game i play diablo 2 and getting bored of it path of exile 10 times better as i can see if i can get a beta key i would really appreciate it

  53. hy guys im here to say that this is one of the most amazing websites for me because you ever have the best games and ever sendind some ( betakeys) that is a great dream for us ..its very difficult to take one but you always give us some more hope …sorry for my bad grammar this is not my mother language but i can speak and understand something… i love you guys , and if you can give me one key to path of exile i will be thankfull forever ..bye and hugss for the entire team

  54. Hi there guys! ive been waiting for exile key from official soooo long… found that site though, hope you will help me with my beta key, this would be soooo cool 🙂 good luck everyone on getting one =))

  55. Những gì tôi thích về các trò chơi này là: nó là rất nhiều như Dialo 2. Tôi yêu ARPG và đã được chờ đợi trong một thời gian dài cho một một tốt mới. Các nhà phát triển của trò chơi này đã thực hiện những ý tưởng tuyệt vời như kỹ năng đá quý, và loại bỏ vàn

  56. Why should i get one ? Maybe because we won’t be able to play diablo 3 until 2020 and as far as i know 2012 is coming T_T
    And by the way yesterday my dog died , my house burned and my girlfriend left me for a singstar player (i know it’s a cruel world).But as you can see the only thing left to me is my computer and a little dignity(which will fade soon because of my registration on this site for a key)and my underwear. thanks and if i get one i’ll build a shrine in honor of this almighty website. long live the king ^^

  57. is there beta keys left?, i want to play this game, i want to play diablo 3 but its too expensive, and thanks god path of exile came,
    hopefully i can get one of your keys thanks

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