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thanks for reading our newsletter, hope you can stay awhile and listen. You’re receiving this email because you signed up to receive a beta key for Diablo III on our site. We’ve had a head spinning amount of 70,000 beta key requests for D3 so I apologize if you’re one of those who hasn’t received one. The demand was simply overwhelming and we couldn’t accommodate that many requests. Blizzard unfortunately wasn’t very forthcoming with beta keys either.

To help keep us send beta keys for more games we need to occasionally send a one-time email like this, so today we have a couple of sponsors with two great free tips for two most important things players are now looking for in Diablo 3: quick leveling and gold making. Reminder: if you want to permanently remove yourself from our newsletter list you can just follow the link at the end of this email.

Leveling Tip:

While it isn’t all that difficult to level up characters in Diablo 3, many players are looking for an advantage so the tip below will give you just that. It’s fairly common knowledge and no real secret, but it’s just one of many tips you can find in Inferno Codex, a Diablo 3 strategy guide. It also includes builds and more info, but let’s get back to the point.

Assuming you already reached Act IV, you can keep changing your quest to the last Act III quest which requires you to kill Asmodan. From the waypoint you can just run to him and skip all mobs along the way if you like, quickly kill the boss, gain 12,000 experience and 1,000 gold as a quest reward. Furthermore you should keep following the questline to the next boss Iskatu, located at the beginning of Act IV. By doing this run you’ll easily gain about 50,000 experience, plus items and gold, and the whole run takes about five minutes. Obviously, you can keep repeating this for as long as you like. If you do it on Nightmare difficulty the XP bonus is doubled, and so on.

As mentioned this is just one of the many leveling and other tips you can find in Inferno Codex, so I suggest you check it out:

Inferno Codex:

Gold Making Tip:

Another one of today’s tips comes from Diablo 3 Gold Secrets, a guide dedicated to bringing you the best kept secrets to farming gold and making money off the auction house. This one involves farming a very profitable chest located in a town cellar in Alcarnus. The chest drops 2-5 blue items and often a yellow one, as well as plenty of gold, potions, blacksmithing/gemcrafting plans and gems. Even if you end up selling the items to vendor every run will be worth at least 2,000g, but the best part is that it takes about 30 seconds to reach it from the checkpoint. So the process involves looting the chest, leaving the game, and resuming it again continuously. It’s all better explained here with screenshots and a video:

These kinds of farming spots get fixed quickly by Blizzard so if you want to take advantage of it be sure to act now. More hot tips like this one are available in Diablo 3 Gold Secrets, so be sure to check it out in the link below:

D3 Gold Secrets:

Note: this mail has been scheduled for sending on May 18, so by the time you get it these tips above may be fixed already.

I hope you all found this newsletter at least a little bit useful. It’s a one-time thing so don’t expect to get them anymore, but if you do want to permanently remove yourself from our list you can do so by following the link at the end of this article. In any case, thanks for your continued support.

Enjoy your adventures in Diablo 3 and best of luck!

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