Newsletter #2

First of all, thanks for being our subscriber ! As part of the agreement when you signed up, we’re sending you this one-time newsletter with some informational content, and a couple of sponsored links which help pay our hosting bills and keep sending out keys! We’ve sent quite a few beta keys over the past few months, including many for SWTOR. Unfortunately, we had over 14,000 requests and BioWare wasn’t exactly forthcoming with a ton of keys, so some of you didn’t receive any.

Currently, we still have some Star Supremacy novice gift packs to give away, so if you’re interested in this game be sure to grab one. We’re also sending out Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 keys as we get them, but the waiting list for those game is just as big as for Star Wars so chances are we may not have enough.

Anyway, let’s get on with some SWTOR info you might find useful!

The Old Republic – Info, Guides & News

Rather than just slapping together a few links to our sponsors, we’ll give you some links to quality information that you may find beneficial if you’re playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Note that we aren’t in any way affiliated with most of these sites, we just find them helpful when we come across galactic troubles.

  • Torhead – A SWTOR database from the creators of Wowhead. One of the best resources if you’re looking for items, crafting recipes, abilities or anything else.
  • Torwars – An excellent resource for news and beginner guides. Be sure to check out their newbie guides explaining the basics of each class.
  • DarthHater – Usually the first to bring us breaking news, and a great place to get updated on current happenings.
  • SWTOR Feeds – A collection of news and articles from various The Old Republic sites.
  • Crafting Guide – If you have any doubts as to which professions to take, this guide will surely help.

SWTOR Leveling Guides

Obviously, many players are interested in leveling their characters as quickly as possible now that SWTOR is out. We’ve listed a few guides below which will help you do just that and more, so if you’re struggling with anything in The Old Republic you can always give these a shot:

These two guides are often recommended by many SWTOR fansites, including Torwars and many others. You can also check the reviews of these guides to gain insight into what they contain and which one is better. As a disclaimer, we do get a small cut for every sale of these guides, but everyone wouldn’t be recommending them it they weren’t good, and neither would we.

Our Sponsors

In some weird case that you aren’t playing Star Wars: The Old Republic yet, go grab your copy now! It really is the best MMORPG released in the past few years. However, if you’re looking for something different to play, check out some of the free-to-play games below:

That’s it!

Phew, made it through did you? This is the second newsletter we’ve sent in the past year, so don’t worry, we won’t make this a regular thing. We’re not in the business of sending spam, but we do need a bit of help every now and then and sending out these newsletters is our only way of paying for the growing hosting costs. If you don’t like receiving this however, you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email to permanently remove yourself from our mailing list.

In either case thanks for your continued support, and we wish you happy holidays and best of luck in the new year!

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