Guild Wars 2 Free Beta Keys

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97 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Free Beta Keys”

      1. I was hoping to see at least one Beta key forwarded to one of my crew, i honestly hope we can receive at least one for our community so we can also help with feed back and testing the game.
        I have already send a message to administration of yours but i didn’t got respond after i give explanation why is so important to receive at least 1 Beta key, thank you in forward.

    1. most sources are saying that gw2 is not having an open beta, including ncsoft and arenanet themselves… they even noted it in the gw2 wiki page that they are not having an open beta at all most likely.

      1. People refer to it as open beta, even though it basically only means that the public have been allowed to sign up for the closed beta. Up until now only selected press and devs have been allowed in.

  1. If I could ever get a key…. I’d be the most happy person ever!
    Been following the game for a loooong time, and I can’t wait till 2012 to play it.

  2. Until open beta starts? If it’s open… why would you need a key for it? You mean “open closed beta”? lol. Just don’t include that in the post. There’s closed beta, but it’s “too closed”. So once it becomes “more open” we will be able to get keys. I get it…

  3. I showed up to this site real late. Probably won’t get a key, but can’t wait to see. Wish it was coming out in November like gamestop and such says but know it won’t be released until the first few months of 2012. Can’t Wait!

  4. Omg ! I was playing GW a lot and was w8ing for GW2 since first rumors about it apeared ! I realy hope that there will be beta test and I’ll be able to take part in it ^^

  5. Really want to get early access into this game, absolutely loved the first one and have been waiting since around the time guild wars 2 was announced for information, footage and keys.

  6. anonymous poster

    This is a scam. There are absolutely no beta keys to this. The only way to gain access to guild wars 2 at this time is to have a friend or family member in alpha testing now. There has been no official release that there will be an open beta. If you have not been informed from ArenaNet personally that you will be allowed to participate in either Alpha or Beta events then its safe to say you will need to wait until the game is released which will be when it is ready. Do not give any information to anybody for beta keys which they do not exist and anybody claiming to offer beta keys is only trying to scam you.

    1. how can this be a scam you wont even download anything or give your password. we all know that we cant participate beta test for now, this is for the OBT on april.

  7. anonymous poster

    first of all Dmarzio even with all the interviews it was never stated that there will be an open beta test even as soon as april. Please check the official website for more information. The only thing done was a bunch of people speculating on time frame thats all.

  8. anonymous poster

    when in this site is says note we most likely wont have keys before the open beta starts so be patient and check your email frequently. This alone should have set up a red flag. Gullible

  9. Just signed up! I am really looking forward to getting a key! I understand it could take a while, but if I get one before the game comes out that will be crazy awesome! I have been a GuildWars fan for years with over 40days played, and many of the campaigns beaten xD.

  10. David Sardella

    I will probably end up playing Guild Wars 2 when it comes out but my brother is still recovering from his leukemia and I’m hoping I can get him a beta key. He loves Guild Wars a lot and I hope I’m lucky enough to get one for him so he can have something to do until his immune system’s built back up.
    Well regardless of what happens, thanks anyways! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. i find it sad but i just want to say that if your lying than that is even sadder and that i can’t imagine how you would be able to sleep at night.
          again im just saying if*

          1. Excuse me, but saying something about it like that daniell, is abit stupid, and i don’t think you can be that harsh. You can think that he might be lying, but saying something about it on the forum, to boost your own ego is just…. He might is just speaking the thuth, why would you post something like that then. Seams that you don’t have somutch faith in people’s.

  11. Its fake bocouse I subscribe it and i get e-mail
    Getting started: To receive your Guild Wars 2 beta key, follow this link for validation.
    I do it what need to do but i don’t get any gw2 key

  12. Does anybody have a spare Key? im trying to get one for my sister so we can play together but i cant seem to get lucky enough to get one ๐Ÿ™ Email me if you have a spare or something! thanks

  13. I’d really much appreciate a Beta Key. I’ve been very excited for this game, since I heard of it, but due to the fact that I’m not THAT familiar to MMOs, I want to play the Beta before I buy it.
    Now is the last weekend with Beta, and a Key would really much be appreciated.
    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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