1. I signed up. When will I receive my beta key?
  2. I didn’t receive my beta key. What’s up guys?
  3. I received a beta key but it doesn’t work. WTH??!
  4. Will I receive spam from you?
  5. I need a beta key for my friend. Can I have one?
  6. Where do you get the beta keys?
  7. Will you have any beta keys available for [insert name]?

I signed up. When will I receive my key?

Giveaways with a limited set of keys such as virtual items are sent immediately upon request.

With upcoming giveaways where we take key reservations in advance we can not provide a detailed time frame on when keys are sent out. Typically we send them within 24 hours after we receive them.

I didn’t receive my beta key. What’s up guys?

Unfortunately we can not always guarantee you will receive a beta key. We get tons of requests and typically only a few hundred to a few thousand beta keys per month are actually sent. Whether you will be one of the recipients depends on how many keys we receive, and how many people are already on the waiting list ahead of you.

If you received confirmation about getting a key from our system, then please double-check your SPAM folder to make sure our email with your key didn’t go unnoticed.

I received a beta key but it doesn’t work. Help?

Sorry but we don’t know what happened. Most of the keys we get are from game publishers themselves and they are working correctly. Sometimes however we receive keys from other sources such as other community websites and prominent bloggers, in which case we can not guarantee whether the keys actually work. In fact, we can never guarantee that the keys will work, but in 99% of the cases they do.

If you did really receive a key and it does not work, you’re welcome to contact us and see if we have any additional ones to send out. In all likelihood we don’t, but we may be able to send you a key manually next time we have them. But please play it nice, because we do know if we actually did send you a key 🙂

Will I receive spam from you?

No. As stated in our Privacy Policy we do not sell, rent or share your email address with anyone else. In addition to sending out beta keys, we may also send you occasional newsletters and relevant offers related to the games. It just so happens that sometimes we can’t get beta keys through official channels, in which case we may compensate someone for getting them. Sending out a promotional email once or twice a month is helps us get the word out and in turn we get access to more giveaways. You can unsubscribe from any communication by following a link in any email you received from us.

I need a beta key for my friend. Can I have one?

Please remember that people who signed up via email for our beta keys and are still waiting always have priority. In case we do get additional beta keys, signing up with your email is the best way to receive one. Note that we get these kinds of requests all the time and those emails are in most cases simply ignored.

Where do you get the beta keys?

Most frequently directly from the game publishers who wish to promote their games and get people interested in it. We have some good relations and connections so we frequently receive them directly. Sometimes we receive the keys from other community fansites and forums because we always mention them and they like the extra attention — it usually works out great for both parties. Lastly, we occasionally even purchase keys from said sources: even though we can’t really afford to do it all the time, we hate when we get swarmed with requests and can’t fulfill them.

Will you have any beta keys available for [insert name]?

Hard to say. When we’re confident we’ll be able to acquire beta keys for a particular game we post about it early so you’ll know about it. Sometimes however we have no idea whether we can get any keys so we decide to skip posting before we actually do have them.

Lastly, if we don’t have a game listed and you really really want to get into the beta testing, you’re welcome to send us an email. If the game is popular enough, we’ll be sure to begin negotiations for acquiring keys as soon as possible.

Got any more questions you need answers on? Go ahead and ask!