Play Clash of Avatars & Win Tom Clancy’s The Division™ (Plus 10 Other Games)

Nothing in life makes sense lately, and neither will our latest giveaway. Still, there’s a copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division™ on the line, so heads up and eyes below to find out how you can win!
Clash of Avatars & The Division Contest
Even though our Clash of Avatars giveaway has been popular things can always be better, and if we want more keys from the kind folks from Amzgame we need to make it worth their effort.
That means our latest giveaway will be a contest, and we’ll need you to spend a bit of time having fun. Sounds tough, right?

Giveaway over, winners are:
CoA Divison Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated!

About Clash of Avatars

Clash of Avatars is a free-to-play browser-based 3D MMORPG. Drawing on inspiration from anime and cosplay, CoA is a great game for players that are looking for fun, entertainment and enjoyment in a game with a community spirit, full of fun, laughter and battle quests to share with friends and gaming family.
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Our free gift packs for Clash of Avatars are still available, so if you’re a new player and need a boost go grab it while supplies last! (Note: gift pack codes will only work on Server 1.)

About Tom Clancy’s The Division™

Devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City and society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, these agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society.
Fighting to prevent the fall of society, the agents will find themselves caught up in an epic conspiracy, forced to combat not only the effects of a manmade virus, but also the rising threat of those behind it.
Buy The Division (30% discount)
If you’re interested in winning The Division and 10 other Tom Clancy’s games, you’re about to learn how.

How to win:

Envision your copy of The Division and get to work! For a chance to win we’ll need you to play Clash of Avatars and tell us a bit about it, and here’s how it works:

#1 ⇒ Play Clash of Avatars

Sign up and play Clash of Avatars. You can play as little or as much as you like, but don’t worry — it really is free to play and we don’t need you to purchase anything.

#2 ⇒ Tell us what you like about Clash of Avatars

Next up, once you’re ready leave a comment below and tell us what you like about CoA or why you’d recommend it to someone else.

Who wins?

Best answer (chosen by GetBetaKeys staff via lots of science, zero math, and possibly a few drinks) will receive a free full copy of The Division (uPlay). Our standard contest rules apply, meaning we’ll just pick whoever we ♥ most, so no hard feelings if it’s not you. Put in some effort and we’ll surely notice!
Winner will be announced on May 15th, giving you almost a week to come up with something that will make us choose you! You’ll be enjoying a cute browser MMORPG while also getting a chance to win some sweet loot, so get creative in our comments section for increased chance to win.
We’ll also choose 10 other comments we like and send them the following (1 game to each winner):
Tom Clancy's Games

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  2. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® 3 Gold
  3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas
  4. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory®
  5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®
  6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2
  7. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction™ Deluxe Edition
  8. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell®
  9. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™
  10. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell® Blacklist™

All keys include full access to the respective game, and are redeemable on uPlay! Winners will be contacted on May 15th via email, so make sure you type in a valid address when submitting your comment and keep on eye for our emails or social media to learn if you won.
We hope you’ll enjoy our contest, have fun playing Clash of Avatars, and we’ll be looking forward to reading your entries!

19 thoughts on “Play Clash of Avatars & Win Tom Clancy’s The Division™ (Plus 10 Other Games)”

  1. + System requirements: well done! i play this game on my 5 years old laptop(2G memory,Intel HD Graphics, Intel I3 M350 2.27Ghz ) ,it work perfectly,amazing
    + Graphics: characters are so cute! and this is another my favourite part , i like it
    + Game controls: i can choose auto fight or manual , nice mostly i use auto fight better(better than i play XD)
    + Music: music makes me feel comfortable,i like it,cause i like to play game to relax myself ,and it work 🙂
    +Gameplay: i played not too much but i really enjoy it,i dont feel any boring
    – Auto model: i need to click too many things and button,dont really like it
    its a really nice game and i enjoy it xD

  2. What I like about the game:
    As soon as you boot up this game, you pick a character, name it, and you are ready to go. The questing and killing can all be done by ‘auto-pathing’ and ‘auto-fighting’, which means you do not actually have to quest yourself. I think that is a very innovative new aspect that I have not seen in other MMO’s. This makes bot programs completely obsolete and I love this approach. Raid battles are still too difficult for the ‘auto-fighting’ A.I. to complete, and later on in the game even normal fights become too difficult for it. Which means the auto-modes are – later on – mostly for grinding easier content.
    When I just started the game I got a bit overwhelmed by all of its features. The game helps you understand these features and while you read them and get the hang of them you do not lose time or progress, because your character can keep doing quests in the background! The game looks a bit like ‘Torchlight II’, as MMO version. I think that is fine though, this games graphics look cute and cartooney, which I like. The graphics are a big +, considering it is a browser game too.
    The things I did not like about this game were the very repetitive music and the huge difficulty spike around level 32, but I would recommend everyone to try it. The concept is very innovative and I am still having fun with this game!

  3. Arbi Ouelseti

    I love This game and i want to win the giveaway of the Division i dream to play this game

  4. I LOL’D! Easyest gameplay. Great graphic, for browser game, ofc. Nice to play!

  5. So finally. After months of struggling, I made it. We made it to the elders. As Iopened the door, something strange was in the air. Perhaps the smell? Or perhaps the elders are rotting? I looked on their faces and I wish I hadn’t. Remnants of a long forgotten glory. They approached me. I saw their tongue, whirling, like a snake. How is this possible? I was in a cute world a moment ago. I heard whispers in my ears:
    – Save. It. The future binds us. Get to New York. Save New York. Everything will be the same in your world, adventurer. Child could still have fun there.
    – But how can I get to New York, elder one? – I said.
    – There is a portal. It is called Division. If you use it, you can get there. But if you don’t, well, we all will be doomed. I wish we all could just be in Clash of Avatars.
    – One day, elder one. One day.

  6. Javier Valenzuela

    No installs, No loading, this beautiful browser game is amazing, the graphics the sounds and the gameplay rewards players with a great experience. So much to do and you can do it step by step without have to spend a lot of time in each session. Join a group and have a lot of fun with friends chatting and slaying monster 😀

  7. Javier Valenzuela

    No install and no loading. This beautiful browser MMORPG has a lot to do and you can do it step by step in each session. The graphics, the sounds and the gameplay rewards the players with a great experience. Join a group and have a lot of fun chatting and slaying monster. Special mention to the beautiful draw characters 😀

  8. First game site home page layout is very easy to understand, from
    creating game characters to enter the game only takes a very short
    time (less than 5 minutes), the player can quickly enter into the game
    to go, so the players for this game the first impression is very good
    After entering the game server is quite stable, not connected to the
    network does not appear, even though a lot of people online network
    performance is also very normal for a multiplayer online game which is
    very important, which is doing great
    Game character model creation and the overall style of the game interface is very cartoon and cute, this game has a broader market space, all ages, which is a big advantage, the game’s music also allows players to have a very appropriate species very pleasant feeling, I think this is a casual entertainment game should do, the game has a lot of reward, which is very helpful for new players, you can make it easier for players to experience the game content, to reduce the difficulty of the game allows players to play more of the game, the degree of difficulty of the game control is very good
    The game play is very good,game loading speed is very fast,the game has manual and automatic modes,automatic mode AI performance is very good, almost all combat levels are S, manual mode is similar to most online games, You can upgrade characters, upgrade equipment, and mounts, the manual mode is ideal for those who like to play RPG type of game players
    If game developers can improve a little fun of the game I think it would be better,but it still a good game to play with friend,its definitely worth to play

  9. I am currently playing it, but the “feature” where the game literally plays itself is a turn off for me. I wish there would be a way to disable this and do things on my own. There is an “auto fight mode”, which seems to be an enhancement of the already existent auto mode. I wish to be able to play the game on my own. Everything happens so fast and on its own that I can’t even catch up. 5 minutes into the game and I’m already level 13.
    I really like the graphics and the upbeat music that plays on the background. The enhancement systems such as the Zodiac and the Rune Skills. I wish there were more runes besides Fire, Frost and Lightning.
    Also the UI seems a bit big and it’s taking too much space on the screen, maybe scale it down a bit?

  10. It’s awesome and good graphics
    Its not hard to play, just explore more.
    Variety of events like World Boss/Corridor Defense/Colosseum/SOLO and TEAM Dungeon and many more.
    Playing for over 1 month now and still doing it

  11. It’s really good, it has good graphics. And it’s not very hard to play and there are lots of things to do. I’ve been playing this game for 3 days and I already joined a guild and the people are very nice

  12. Morgan Winter

    Could of used a better name but the game itself is quite fun, as other have said good graphics for a browser game and no load times,
    I’m a stickler for games with pets and this game has a good selection of unique looking and cute pets, There is also an upgrade system using a “forge” but I’ve never really been into upgrading equipment in games, mainly due to laziness :),
    It really is beautiful for a browser game and even has a mini client you can download, its a real shame that Chrome has been slowly giving up support for browser games.

  13. First of all its free!Honestly I like free 🙂 What I like this gmae:I can play the game directly on my browser so no prior download is required. All I need to do is sign up and then I can start playing the game.Its quie simple to start the game.I like simple.
    There are 3 unique player classes you can choose to play which is awsome .Once you are in game,the graphics are surprisingly good. I also very much liked the mob and character design. They are cute in a charming way.It starts off quite fast cause its one of those best browser games that have an auto-quest feature built in. So I can automatically start walking to the next area that they need to be in. It quickens the pace of the game as I can essentially just press one button and do nothing.However, after some time I noticed that you can turn off the auto and play on manual. That is a very good thing! On manual fighting mode the combat is very easy,The skills animations in this game are large and impossible to miss because they are so flashy,there are ways to Promote, Enhance, Enchant, or Socket your gear.The music is pretty good and it has dancing in it.It was nice, I liked it.
    It is a really enjoyable free browser game that has great visuals and audios. The gameplay might be similar to other games in the same genre, but its still fun nonetheless. And it also has an easy learning curve so I dont have to be an RPG veteran to have fun with this game. The only major thing I didnt like about this game is that the annoying messages clutter the screen one too many times. Other than that, this game is a really good game.

  14. It is easily one of the good game can play on browser,It is a warm, fun and friendly 3D world of rich and colourful daydreams with simple controls and mostly automated gameplay. The game boasts anime-styled 3D graphics and colorful spell effects that are unusually high quality for the browser game, the gameplay is pretty fun, it is a really good mmorpg browser game

  15. I think the best (worst) part of the game is that apparently because I use Linux/Firefox the flash player version I have will not let me play the game, soooooo, guess I can’t do this thing either :/

  16. It’s awesome and good graphics
    Its not hard to play, just explore more.
    Variety of events like World Boss/Corridor Defense/Colosseum/SOLO and TEAM Dungeon and many more.
    It’s good since from the start until end
    They said its Pay 2 Win games, but some Free 2 Play players compete with them
    Playing for over 1 month now and still doing it!

  17. It’s really good, it has good graphics. And it’s not very hard to play and there are lots of things to do. I’ve been playing this game for 3 days and I already joined a guild and the people are very nice

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